Polysci6 - Collapse of New Deal Politics ± What factors...

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1 Political Parties in the United States Basic Features of the Party System ± What are political parties? H d th l t l l i th Ui td ± How do the electoral rules in the United States influence political parties? ± Duverger’s Law and its consequences. ± The tendency towards two parties . ± Professional politicians. Why Create Political Parties? ± Why did the Framers fear political parties? ± Three conceptions of political parties. ± Parties as endogenous institutions. ±
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2 Foundations of the Modern Party System ± Mass-based organizations and political machines . ± What were the two key reforms of the Progressive Era? ± A Democratic realignment and the New Deal coalition : ± Key tenets of the New Deal?
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Unformatted text preview: Collapse of New Deal Politics ± What factors caused the demise of the New Deal coalition? ± The 1968 Democratic convention and the McGovern-Fraser Report . ± Split-ticket voting and the prominence of divided government . Political Parties in Texas ± Why did Democrats historically dominate Texas politics? ± Presidential Republicans and the demise of the Democratic coalition. ± John Tower and Bill Clements ± Realigning Texas politics? 3 The Road Goes on Forever and the Party. .. ± Ronald Reagan and the evolution of political coalitions. ± Political polarization and the enduring pull of partisanship . ± Service-oriented parties and campaign spending ....
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Polysci6 - Collapse of New Deal Politics ± What factors...

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