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Polysci7 - United States Congress and Texas Legislature...

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1 United States Congress and Texas Legislature Congressional Districts Constitutional provisions for Congress. Requirements for service? House and Senate websites. Gerrymandering districts. Wesberry v. Sanders (1964) Home styles and representation Franking and casework. Explaining Congressional Elections Why are incumbents successful at winning reelection? What happened in the 2008 congressional elections? Public approval and the prisoner’s dilemma in congressional elections.
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2 The Purposes of Congressional Parties Individual benefits for party members. Wh t t f i tit ti l bl d What types of institutional problems do political parties solve? Polarization and changes in congressional parties. Conditional party government and procedural cartel theory . Parties and Leaders in the House Party leaders are elected agents of rank- and-file members. The evolution of the Speaker’s role and the influence of Thomas Reed .
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