Polysci8 - 10/19/2009 Presidents and Governors...

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10/19/2009 1 Presidents and Governors Constitutional Foundations ± What is the presidential paradox? ± Basic powers outlined in Article II of the Constitution. ± The changing nature of presidential powers? ± Other constitutional provisions? An Energetic Executive ± “Energy in the executive is a leading character in the definition of good government.” ± How do we make the executive branch sufficiently energetic?
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2 Campaign 2008: The Beginning ± Declaring a candidacy and the invisible primary . ± Iowa and New Hampshire: ± Caucuses versus primaries ± Front-loading the process. ± Differences between the Republican and Democratic nomination processes? Electing the President ± What are the constitutional provisions for electing the president? ± The importance of 270 ! ± The campaigns focus attention on battleground states . ± What happened in 2008 ? Chief Executive ± How does the Constitution define executive power ? ± Executive privilege
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Polysci8 - 10/19/2009 Presidents and Governors...

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