Polysci9 - Bureaucrats ± What is congressional oversight ?...

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1 Bureaucracies and Policy Implementation Definitions and Concerns ± What are bureaucracies and how do politics affect their structure? ± Implementation of decisions made through the political process. ± Political considerations and the possibility of agency loss . The Spoils System ± What is the spoils system ? ± What effect did the Pendleton Act (1883) have? ± The growth of government.
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2 Federal Agencies ± The cabinet consists of high profile agencies. ± Independent regulatory commissions. ± Examples? ± Other types of government agencies include? Bureaucratic Activities ± What types of actions do agencies take? ± Regulations and the Federal Register . ± Administrative adjudication. ± Building relationships: iron triangles to issue networks . ± Preferences and bureaucratic drift . Controlling
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Unformatted text preview: Bureaucrats ± What is congressional oversight ? ± Police patrols versus fire alarms. ± Administrative Procedures Act (1946) ± What tools are available to the president in controlling the bureaucracy? ± How does the judiciary restrain bureaucracies? 3 Coordination and Reform Efforts ± Bureaucrats as rational actors. ± Autonomy and discretion. ± Lack of coordination between agencies. ± Examples? ± Is bureaucratic reform possible? Bureaucratic Agencies in Texas ± The plural executive limits coordination on crafting policy. ± Some offices include? ± Key boards and commissions in Texas? ± How does Texas promote bureaucratic accountability?...
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Polysci9 - Bureaucrats ± What is congressional oversight ?...

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