Polysci10 - ± How can we characterize the decisions of the...

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1 The Judicial Branch The Basic Framework ± Article III of the Constitution. ± The Judiciary Act of 1789. ± Marbury v. Madison (1803) Structure of Federal Courts ± Explain the different types of cases heard in the courts. ± Original and appellate jurisdiction and the structure of the federal courts. ± The United States Supreme Court . ± Key members of the Court?
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2 Evolution of the Court ± Dividing authority between the states and national government. ± Battles over economic regulation. ± Court-packing battle in 1935. ± Transition to civil rights and civil liberties. ± Where does the Court stand today? How Does the Supreme Court Function? ± What purpose do writs of certiorari serve? ± Amicus curiae briefs . ± What role does the Solicitor General play? ± How are cases presented at the Supreme Court? Reaching Decisions
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Unformatted text preview: ± How can we characterize the decisions of the Supreme Court? ± Strategic behavior on the part of justices? ± Stare decisis and competing philosophies of judicial interpretation. 3 Judicial Nominations ± Explain the importance of advice and consent . ± What are some of the key steps in the confirmation process? ± Why so contentious? ± Nominees are ideologically compatible with the president. Judicial System in Texas ± Describe the basic structure of the Texas courts . ± What are the most influential courts in Texas? ± Electing judges and should Texas adopt the Missouri Plan ? The Court in Perspective ± The public holds the Court in high esteem. ± Critical role in national policy-making. ± What limits the decisions of the Court?...
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Polysci10 - ± How can we characterize the decisions of the...

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