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I NDIVIDUAL C ASE S TUDY A NALYSIS Each student: a ONE-minute, Two -slide Power Point business analysis and presentation based on their own research of a privately owned , SMALL TO MEDIUM SIZE COMPANY OF LESS THAN 500 EMPLOYEES . ( NO NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS / NO P UBLICLY TRADED COMPANIES !!) The company must be in your assigned, researched industry & demonstrate CSR practices in the domestic or global community. Research the company: Register your company on iLearn – if someone is using the company, you must find another one! Interview in person, by phone or email - a senior level manager or higher at the company, Use company website , legitimate business news sources * & Lawrence/Weber text (page numbers req) NOTE: You MAY NOT use any companies that you work for or own, or are owned by your family members/friends, are discussed in the text, or that we have discussed in class! [ 0 for a violation of this requirement!!] Structure for your case study slides and presentation: Slide 1: Your name
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