BUS_682_Partnership_Case_Analysis_Su11 - PARTNERSHIP CASE...

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P ARTNERSHIP C ASE S TUDY 2011 C ASE S TUDY G UIDELINES : Two-person collaboration on a case analysis using assigned Discussion Questions or Update as noted on the sign-up sheet related to your selected case study. Your partnership will present a 10 minute Power Point discussion using 5 slides for your assigned Discussion Question/s or Update of the case company. from your class colleagues for entire case study occurs after all partnerships on that case finish presenting. Slide 1 : Case name, your names, question/s or state ‘Update of Case’ Slides 2 – 3 : Question responses or Update what has happened since the case - as discussion points – not the summary of the case!! Slide 4 : What is your “take-away” from this case? Slide 5 : References (APA style; no discussion) – citations to as many applicable course/text concepts page numbers, company website and legitimate business news sources to assist answering your assigned question or to update what has happened since the case
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BUS_682_Partnership_Case_Analysis_Su11 - PARTNERSHIP CASE...

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