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FIRST, nominate a facilitator: ___________________________________ (who will take responsibility for keeping everyone focused on completing this worksheet.) and a scribe: ___________________________________ (to record general notes on this page) Write the names of those members present today (first name, initial letter of last name): Worksheet #1 Group __________ 1. Each person has titles for 3 articles. Everyone takes his or her turn identifying the title; explaining a little bit about the article and how and why they have ranked them in order of preference or explains
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Unformatted text preview: why he or she has no preference (when handing in the worksheet, each person also hands in his or her list of articles and any notes they have taken on that list during the discussion) 2. List the titles of the top five candidates for the group’s article. (titles only – no subtitles please) 3. what are the pros and cons for choosing each one of the top five d. Which one did you choose and why? continue on back if you run out of room in any of these sections...
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