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NAME OF ARTICLE: Write the names of those members present today (first name, initial letter of last name): Worksheet #3 Group ______ Today you must decide how you will present the thesis/arguments/data of your article. I highly recommend that you NOT use a power-point presentation. Think of a way(s) to convey the meaning and importance of the article in an intellectually engaging manner. There are several ways to do this. One is to dramatize the material – debate, reenactment, faux-panel/audience, tableau with commentary. Elements to consider: controversy is engaging and
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Unformatted text preview: intellectually stimulating; audience participation , if designed properly, can also be intellectually challenging. I highly recommend you incorporate drama, controversy and audience participation in your presentation. If you insist on using power-point point in your presentation, make sure you adhere to following principles: (1) don’t read from text on the slide; (2) use your slides to present visual illustrations of ideas/facts (e.g., video’s graphs, pictures); and think of ways to engage your audience. Describe the format of your presentation:...
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