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English 410.05 Fall 2010 Unit III: Current Issues in California In order to become familiar with what important issues are happening right now in California, please bring in “current event” news clippings to share with the class . If you start collecting them now, you will have a good selection when it comes time to choose a research topic. Directions: On the day above your name, please find 2 news articles from that day about current California issues . An issue is something that affects a lot of people , i.e, California election for governor in November; how BP oil spill might be affecting California environmental policy; the housing market in California (or Bay Area), etc. An event is something that only affects the people involved with the event, i.e., freeway accidents,
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Unformatted text preview: house fires, crimes, etc. You can find your clippings in hard copy newspapers or journals, or from on-line news sources. Some good places to look: SF Gate/SF Chronicle, LA Times, New York Times, Channel 2 News (10 pm every night), news station websites, etc. Article Collection Schedule: Sept 15 Mary Grace Castro Sept 16 Hung Chun Chan Sept 17 David Cortez, Ming Him Wong Sept 20 Cristian Diaz Sept 21 Hsin-Hui Huang Sept 22 Shintaro Iijima, Ka-Shing Wu Sept 23 Lisha Jiang Sept 24 Tomoko Kitahara Sept 27 Aliceth-Jingya Liang, Yujung Yang Sept 28 Yuzhen Lin Sept 28 Yi Liu Sept 30 Zi Hua Ma Oct 1 Dennis Mugwanya Oct 4 Yusuke Numaga, Wanping Zhou Oct 5 Escamilla Rivera Oct 6 Alvin Somwaru Oct 7 Thanh Truong Oct 8 Maiko Watanabe Oct 12 Hang Yee Wong...
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