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English 410 Fall 2010 Reading and Writing Assignments & Due Dates: California Dreams Essay Assignment Due Date Read & annotate for discussion: 1. “Gold Fever” – JS Holliday (ilearn) Thursday, 9/02 Read & annotate for discussion: 2. “California: A Place, a People, a Dream” – James Rawls Tuesday, 9/07 Read & briefly summarize for discussion: 3. “New Perspective on the American Dream” –
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Unformatted text preview: Spooner 4. Invisible Men Hondagneu-Soleto Thursday, 9/09 Read & Paraphrase message for discussion 5. Manzanar, USA Wakatsuki- Houston & Houston 6. Vietnamese Youth No Longer Look Homeward Wride Tuesday, 9/14 Optional readings: 7. ProofsRodriguez 8. Maid in LA Hondagneu-Soleto Essay Proposal First draft Final Draft 9/21 9/28 10/05...
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