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November 17, 2009 (8 pages double-spaced) Happy Furlough Day to All Californians ¶1 California has been long known for its glamorous lifestyle of Hollywood and the booming success of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, California is currently facing very serious budget crisis which might drag the state to the edge of bankruptcy if the problem is not solved as soon as possible. So far, the impact of the budget crisis on California residents has been severe. The California government has proposed different solutions to this problem and one of them is called the furlough program. By definition, furlough is a “temporary laying-offs of employees” (; however, the furlough program that has been running in California is different compared to its original definition. The main difference is that the state employees are not actually being laid- off; rather they are forced to take three unpaid days off each month in the program. Is the benefit that the furlough program contributes to the state of California greater than the cost for implementing it? Being impacted by this program or not, it is very important for Californians to understand the current state situation and plan accordingly. Ever since the beginning of the program in February 6, 2009, many people had experienced the negative impacts of furlough, which surprisingly, are greater than the initial positive intentions of the program. Originally, the furlough program was created to reduce the state labor costs during the economic turmoil. However, the program resulted in many negative impacts including the loss of job creation within cities inside California, economically and emotionally hampered state employees and disruption of state services. ¶2 It is no secret that the state of California is currently in a major economic crisis with a budget deficit of almost forty-billion dollars. In order to deal with the problem and to prevent a worsening economic condition in the near future, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the California governor figured out several ways to be implemented to fight the budget crisis. One of the most controversial decisions is regarding the furlough program. In the beginning, “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s furloughs aim to save the state more than $1 billion in an effort to cut a $40 billion budget deficit and avoid running out of cash” (McIntosh, 2009) meaning that the three furlough days each month would reduce the burden that the state government currently has to shoulder for state government’s employees’ salaries. The state is in need of money, saving a little amount of money would mean a lot and whatever possible source of expenses that can be reduced need to be reduced. ¶3 Unfortunately, as the program goes on, the bubble of negative impacts has started to
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Sample_essay_furloughs - ENG 410/Research Essay November...

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