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Times_of_Harvey_Milk_Quotes - When I met Harvey for the...

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“When I met Harvey for the first time…it was a rather strange meeting because Harvey was talking about all these visionary things about, you know, the oneness of man, and thinking about all the great things that needed to be done not only in San Francisco, but also throughout the country and I said to myself, ‘Gee this man is never going to make it.’” Henry Der Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action Winning the Board of Supervisors election in 1977: “But in feeling good for Milk you were feeling good for yourself. This was elation, just absolute elation.” Tom Ammiano, (at that time) schoolteacher TV Reporter: Your election…does that mean, as many straights are concerned, maybe the gays are taking over San Francisco. Are you going to be a supervisor for all of the people? Milk: I have to be, that’s what I was elected for. I have to be there to open up for the dialogue, for the sensitivities of all people, for all the problems. The problems that affect this city affect all of us.
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