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New testament notes 10-3

New testament notes 10-3 - 7.31-8:21-examples of healing...

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New testament notes 1:15-prologue *v.9-baptism v.13-jesus in wilderness v.14-kingdom of god 1.16-calls disciples 1.23-unclean spirits 1.32:secrec motif dev. 2.1-12-first of 5 controversy naratives 3.12-unclean spirit 3.13-35:kinded denial 4-begins to speak in parables}hidden transcrpts 5.20-roman empire=legion 5:21: healing of daughter (sandwich) 7.18-his disciples fail to understand
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Unformatted text preview: 7.31-8:21-examples of healing narratives are connected to a larger picture 8:27-secrecy revealed C.9,10:further example of Patterning healing narratives C.11-trimuphal entry into jeruselum c.13-mini-apocalyse narrative a la Josephus c.14,15- Passion narrative c.16-conclusion/resurrection...
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