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new testament notes 10-5

new testament notes 10-5 - the gospels to account for their...

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The synoptic gospels= matthew, mark, and luke. They are referred to as such because they share many of the same stories, often verbatim and often in the same sequence. The term “synoptic” means seeing together” or the “same lens” and is derived from Greek (syn=together, optic=seeing) The synoptic problem: biblical scholars attempt to unravel the complex interrelationship among
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Unformatted text preview: the gospels to account for their duplications and repetitions, as well as for material that appears in Matthew and Luke, but not for Mark. The major hypothesis scholars use is the 4-source hypothesis in theorizing an answer for the literary relationship: A)Markan Priority B)Q(source of sayings) C)M source D)L source...
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