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new testament notes 10-10 - Luke Theme rejected by his own...

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Matthew Date:85-95 c.e. Author:anonymous Place: Antioch, Syria Audience: Jewish Christians, Gentile Christians Structure: Matthew uses 90% Mark. Maintains Mark’s sequence’s but adds 5 blocks of material 1)sermon on Mount (5-7) Ten Miracles(8-9) 2)instructions to the 12 (10) questions and controversies (11-12) 3) parables on the kingdom (13) rejection/ transfiguration (14-17) 4) instructions to church (18) Jerusalem ministry(19-22) 5)warnings final judgment (23-25) 6) passion/resurrection (26-28) Theme: jesus the jewish messiah. Jesus the new moses
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Unformatted text preview: Luke Theme: rejected by his own universal savior (4:14) Date: 85-95 c.e. Author: anonymous Place: aisian Minor? Audience: Theophilus, Roman Centurion, Gentile Christians Structures: luke used 35% of Mark. Deletes passages might difficult (apologetic) Polished, sophisticated writer of Greek. L section contains women stories (see:ch.1; ch. 7;ch.8; ch.10; ch.11; ch. 23-24) Pairing technique= ch. 1: Zachariah+ Mary, Mary +Elizabeth, Zechariah + Elizabeth Ch.5: lost sheep (man)/ lost coin (woman)...
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