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Notes for quiz (NT) Religio-Political-religion and politics are combined. New Testament (including #texts)- sacred texts that is a narration of nation that constructs identity/ the second half of the bible that starts the Christianity movement. Greco-Roman- culture of both the Greeks who ruled before them and the romans. Used Greek philosophy and culture. Religion was based on magic, interpretation and oracles. Social stratifications- how society was structured. Patriarchal society- men ruled. Hellenistic-Greece had transformed all the nation is the MSB to little many Greece’s, made sure every place look like them and learn their language, so they could call it home, made it easy for Romans to take over because they already accepted the Greek culture Polytheistic-believe in many gods Monotheistic-believe in one god Augustus Caesar- first emperor of the Roman empire. Ruled from 27 BCE to 14C.E. Once known as Octavius, given the name Agustus which means "revered one" was also known as son of god because they believed Caesar to be a God. Roman empire-were in charge during the 1st century. Collection of nations ruled by a sole person
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Notes for quiz - Notes for quiz(NT...

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