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The gospel according to Mark

The gospel according to Mark - 1 st part Jesus depicted as...

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The gospel according to Mark: Secret Messiah who conceals as much as he reveals Date: 68-70 C.E. Author: anonymous(yet church tradition attributes gospel to mark, peter’s companion) Place: Rome? Syria? Palestine? Community: gentile Christians (?) internal evidence suggest this Genre: narrative, or, a la Ekman , a Greco-Roman biography Style: fast paced, vivid, crueler than Matthew and Luke Structure: simple two-part structure, plot pivots at 8:27
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Unformatted text preview: 1 st part: Jesus depicted as a sort of military leader like other “sons of god” in the ancient world. (1:1-8:26) 2 nd part: the secret is revealed!!! (8:27-16) Main themes: hidden transcripts, secret messiah, the misunderstood disciples, dissension within the group, Roman Empire as a demonic power. Matthew, Luke, and Mark are synoptic....
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