Botany Exam 2 - Botany Exam 2 Roots Stems and Leaves 1 What...

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Botany Exam 2 Roots, Stems, and Leaves 1.) What are the 3 main functions of roots? 2.) What are the two kinds of roots?________________ and _______________________ 3.) The Dicot of a root cross section contains __________________,_____________, and _______________ 4.) The Inner layer of cells of the cortex that controls mineral traffic into the root, also contains the casparian strip.____________________ 5.) Inside of cells, Alive!__________ 6.) Outside of cells, Dead!____________ 7.) When materials go through the endodermis,____________ acts like the gate keeper. 8.) Forces minerals to go through cells of endodermis instead of between the cells on their way into the stele _______________, found in the ________________ space 9.) Develop from stem above ground-serve as support.________________. Has roots hanging down from branch, ex- Ficus Tree 10.) Carry air to underground parts through “aerenchyma”____________________.Wthout _____________ roots will die. Found in Swampy areas 11.) Anchor roots or host stems. _________________. Aid in adaption 12.) Pull bulbs underground.______________________ 13.) Provide additional support-keeps plant from tipping over.______________________ 14.) Carrots and Sugar beet are_____________________________- Carrot holds _____________and Sugar beet holds _________________ 15.) Above ground portion of plants- and tend to grow away from gravity.________________. The only exception is_______________ 16.) The three main functions of # 15 are: 17.) All stems have these, undeveloped tissue with apical meristems.______________ 18.) Where every leaf attaches on a stem there is a ___________. 19.) Where a leaf used to be on a stem there is a ______________. 20.) Where an axil and leaf come together there is an___________________. A stem in rested development. 21.) Allows tissue to continue to grow even if stem is broken off. 22.) All stems have these! Loosely arranged (torn) epidermal cells; helps gas diffusion in the stem. Loose cells on the surface on the stem. ________________. 23.) Non-functional xylem in the center of the stem, darker.__________________. 24.) Functional xylem inside of the meristems that makes tissure in the inside of trees, lighter- on the outside. __________________. 25.) Leaf attachment variations: __________________-One leaf attached at one point
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__________________-3 or more leaves attached to one point. __________________-2 leaves attached to 2 points.
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Botany Exam 2 - Botany Exam 2 Roots Stems and Leaves 1 What...

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