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BP Assignment 12

BP Assignment 12 - Brooke Galietto December 2 2008 Business...

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Brooke Galietto December 2, 2008 Business 101 Homework 12 – Case 7.9 1. BP’s three operating systems are: Exploration and Production, Refining and Marketing, and Gas, Power, and Renewables. The BP case displays the use of many of the seven Value Adding Activities we discussed in class. The fourth activity, inspection, is used most obviously. After BP’s mishaps, the company undergoes a self-inspection and is inspected by the government, external auditors, and other companies. Throughout its history, BP maintains an incentive to research and discovery energy futures such as alternative energy sources. In 2005, BP invested $8 billion in BP Alternative Energy. The Exploration and Production operating system works to explore oil and natural gas possibilities as well as field and facility development and production and pipeline transportation and natural gas processing. Using the value adding activities of transportation, storage/distribution, and inspection. The refining and marketing operating
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