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case 4.10 nestle - The other stakeholders are secondary 2...

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Brooke Galietto October 28, 2008 Business 101 Case 4.10: Nestle Infant Formula 1. In this case, the core stakeholders are the owners because they have power, legitimacy, and urgency. They have power because although they had to make adjustments in the way they act they were not punished for their actions. They have urgency because the well being of their product is crucial to the company’s success. Finally, they have legitimacy through their ownership of the company. Customers are strategic stakeholders because they have power and interest but they do not have urgency, instead they simply have an interest in the company.
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Unformatted text preview: The other stakeholders are secondary. 2. The owners have economic, legal, and ethical perspective. They have the ethical responsibility to not send out false advertising. They have a legal responsibility to be honest and produce a safe product. And they have an economical perspective in that they need to make a profit. The customers had a legal and ethical perspective because they have the right to a safe product and the right to not be tricked by unethical marketing....
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