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McDonalds Case Questions

McDonalds Case Questions - Lieback has urgency because she...

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Brooke Galietto October 12, 2008 Business 101 “McDonald’s – The Coffee Spill Heard ‘Round the World” 1) In this group the core stakeholders are the owners and the customers because they both have three out of the three stakeholder typology factors. Owners have legitimacy through their ownership of the company, power because they are the company’s decision and policy makers, and urgency because they have the desire and need for their company to succeed. Customers are core stakeholders because in this case they have legitimacy; Liebeck’s rights to a safe product were infringed upon when she received third degree burns. Lieback has power because she hired a lawyer and has the ability to hurt McDonald’s reputation and company.
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Unformatted text preview: Lieback has urgency because she is passionate about her incident and is willing to make a big deal over what happened to her. 2) McDonalds argues that the majority of its customers enjoy hot coffee. In addition, McDonalds includes a small-print warning on their coffee cups about the heat. McDonalds also claimed that Lieback’s injury was mostly her own fault for being careless. Lieback argued that Mcdonald’s displayed “gross negligence” by selling “unreasonably dangerous” and “defectively manufactured” coffee. Lieback expected to received compensatory damages for her pain, suffering, and third degree burns....
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