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Phantom Expenses - demands of her trainer(Ann Green she...

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Brooke Galietto September 9, 2008 Business 101 Phantom Expenses Assignment” STAKEHOLDE R STAKES ETHICAL ISSUE Owners Profit When an employee inflates his expenses he exploits the owner of the company and the company itself. By collecting an inflated expense check, the employee is taking money that belongs to the company. Jane Adams (employees) If Jane inflates her expenses like the other employees she will be committing an unethical act. This puts her job and reputation at risk. If Jane does not comply with the unethical
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Unformatted text preview: demands of her trainer (Ann Green) she will put her unethical co-workers in danger. • By not inflating her expenses, Jane will risk her good favor with Ann Green and other respected and more established workers at the company. • Now that Jane knows of unjust happenings it is her ethical duty to repot the breach. Customers • Product value • Since employees are stealing money, there is less money for the company to use in the production of goods or the execution of services....
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