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CHAPTER 10 - CHAPTER 10 Communication in Personal...

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CHAPTER 10: Communication in Personal Relationships I. Interpersonal Communication: comm. Between people in close relationships such as friendship and romance A. Interpersonal Needs 1. Inclusion: 1.i. Need to include others 1.ii. Need to be included 2. Control: 2.i. Need to be in control 2.ii. Need to be controlled 3. Affection: showing that we care, different from love 3.i. Need to give affection 3.ii. Need to receive affection B. Interpersonal Attraction 1. Proximity: how physically close we are to the person 2. Reciprocation of Liking 3. Predicted Outcome Value: determines how we approach relationships 4. Similarity – often creates the attraction 5. Complementary Needs II. The Evolution of Friendship A. Role Limited Interaction B. Friendly Relations – an acquaintance C. Moving Towards Friendship – doing activities together D. Nascent Friendship – rules E. Stabilized Friendship – you can count on these friendships F. Warning Friendships – generally happens in our society III. Maintaining Friendships A. Self Disclosure: sharing information B. Supportiveness C. Spending Time Together
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IV. Relationships Dialects A. Autonomy vs. Connection – person wants to be left alone and have space vs. wanting to be together B. Novelty vs. Predictability C. Openness vs. Closedness – how much information you share D. Dealing with Dialectical Tensions D.1. Neutralization: finding solution in the middle of the two opposing forces D.2. Separation: (least satisfactory) an avoidance strategy, ignore needs in regard to one end of the continuum D.3.
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