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Group Assignment 1 Review Questions

Group Assignment 1 Review Questions - Brooke Galietto Group...

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Unformatted text preview: Brooke Galietto September 13, 2008 Group Activity #1 Review Questions 1)- “Sizing Up Situations”- “Sizing Up People”- “Sizing Up Relationships”- “Explaining Behavior: Attribution Theories” 2) A social episode is an internal cognitive representation about common or recurring interaction routines with a defined cultural experience. A script is a highly predictable sequence of events. Both social episodes and scripts affect the way a person acts. The more predictable or common the social episode, the more scripted the interaction is. Both social episodes and scripts help a person interact comfortably and direct a person on what to do next. 3) When a situation is almost completely scripted it is considered a “closed episode”. In a closed episode, one is familiar with the rules of proper behavior and the expectations for the interaction. These guide the person’s actions. In a defined episode the people involved do not have prior expectations for the situation, but the situation is defined in...
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