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Brooke Galietto December 9, 2008 Communication 134 I have learned a lot about group dynamics this semester. It has been extremely helpful learning about groups in lectures while simultaneously participating in a group and gathering first-hand experience. First, I have learned the importance of communication. At first, our group had a hard time scheduling meetings that everyone was truly free to go to; sometimes I wouldn’t want to admit that that time didn’t work for me. But I quickly realized that people are willing to coordinate a time that is actually best for everyone. Our group was very lucky to have a consistent email chain so we could send each other reminders and remarks. This was very helpful for our group and me. Second, I learned the importance of participating in meetings. For example, at the beginning, being the only freshman in the group, I was very nervous to give input.
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Unformatted text preview: After almost no time at all, the other members were making me more comfortable. They definitely encouraged me not to be shy. I am very grateful for that. However, through this I learned that there is not reason to be timid even in the beginning because people in a group setting such as this want to hear from you and want to get to know you. Lastly, I learned the importance of avoiding group think. It is so easy for a group to get on a certain track, lose sight of different perspectives, and ignore potential issues because they are so excited about the idea. The most valuable person in a group is the person who remembers these things and keeps the group level headed and realistic. In future groups I will definitely try to be that person....
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