HIS 111 paper 1

HIS 111 paper 1 - Brooke Galietto February 13, 2009 History...

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Unformatted text preview: Brooke Galietto February 13, 2009 History 111 Discussion I, Esther Edwards Burr, also known as Goodie Burr, rise before the sun each morning while the rest of my family continues their peaceful slumber. The sun is simply not bright above our heads long enough for me to complete my many duties. I beg you dont misinterpret my explanation as complaining because like all the Puritan women of the community I am proud to be a hard worker. In fact, I respect my crucial role in the household and find I personally benefit from my busy lifestyle. I have been a working wife since I was fourteen and I pray I will be until the day I leave this Earth to join God and the deceased members of my family in heaven. My first task is to check on my son, Aaron, and ensure that he is breathing steadily and not sweating. He has been suffering from a hectic fever lately and I am frightened his illness is getting more severe. I am grateful to find his breathing calm and his cheeks a healthy temperature. I return to my bedroom where I replace my nightgown with a rough apron. Next, I prepare breakfast. Porridge has been slowly cooking on embers throughout the night so I simply pour bowls for my husband Edward and our eight children. As I warm cider over a calm flame I hear my family begin to wake. We say our morning prayers together, hands folded and eyes closed in deep concentration. I pray for the health of my family and a safe pregnancy and birth for my child on the way. We give thanks for our fortunes and pray for those near and dear to us who have died. I pray for little William, my son who died at age two of smallpox. I know that my oldest daughter, Clara, misses him. When he was born she was seven therefore she was very helpful with the new baby. She spent hours rocking him, tickling him, and soothing him when he cried. when he cried....
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HIS 111 paper 1 - Brooke Galietto February 13, 2009 History...

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