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-- 262 -- Letter from Esther Edwards Burr to Sarah Prince Gill, May 24, 1757 Princeton May 24. 1757 Dear Fidelia I have sent by Mrs Oliver a heap of confused stuff. Perhaps you will with the help of your own ingenuity and good sense be able to finde out some of it -- the rest had as good be buried in oblivion as not. The Female Orator I admire excedingly. The Carracter and conduct of Emilla is truly Amiable and to be patterned after by all her sex -- I cant shew it [ to ] Miss Boudanot for she Nurses my Sister -- I could not get it coppied before Mrs Oliver left us but shall do it and send as soon as possible. Mrs Olivers tarry was so short that I had not opportunity to talk with her so fully on the affair between Mrs Holland and you as I could wish. She had never heard anything of Mrs Holland but was astonished when I told her, and said she had thought her a good Woman but this was strange conduct -- Mrs Oliver has a deep and affecting sense of your cituation. She is a quicksighted Woman and says she has seen enough her self to convince her who is to blame, and she thinks you the greatest pattern of patience and Prudence, or Matters would have been discovered to the World long ago. She could not have borne the 10 part of what you have gone throu' -- She also says that your Carracter has suffered excedingly but the World begins to see and will soon know the truth. She has heard -- 263 -- it mentioned several times in Boston with astonishment how they had been deceived . They thought you had been much such an one as Mrs Holland represents but they perceive tis quite the revers -- she is full with me that you aught not to tarry at home any longer. It is self Murther [ murder ], and were it not for the affair depending between you and Doctor Somebody, I should have contrived some way for your coming immediately, but I would not lay a straw in the way of your Comfortably settling your self for Life. Mrs Oliver is of oppinnion with me that you aught by no means to lay still and let Mrs Holland go on in her way but talk with her and if she denies as I suppose she will, let her go (you being by) and contradict what she has said, and confess her fault to those persons to whome she has thus abused you -- if she stands to what she has said (which she wont d[o]) put her upon proof, and ask her why she has never bee[n] good enough to tell you of your faults before she spread 'em behind
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your Back -- But I need not direct you. Your own Prudence will direct you ten times better then I can -- I never longed so to be with you in my Life -- It appears to me I could do you some good, if not by adviseing, I might comfort and incourage and Chear you up a little. It seems to be some releaf to have one by that can only pit[y.] I cant help laughing to see you so concernd that you dont Love a sertain somebody -- I can insure that part to the Gentleman. {May 25, 1757} Wednsday
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hst 111 primary resource - 262 Letter from Esther Edwards...

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