MBI Exam 1 Outline 3

MBI Exam 1 Outline 3 - Outline 3: History of Microbiology...

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Outline 3: History of Microbiology I. Antiquity to Middle Ages A. 200-400,000 years ago Homo-sapiens in Africa move out of the forest B. Hunters and gatherers pastoralists and farmers (cultivated gardens/farmland using plowing, flooding, and slash and burn) C. Domesticated animals for use in farming and for food; animals and humans sharing microbes D. Development of Endemic Diseases D.1. 10,000 – 250,000 years ago D.2. Civilizations become large enough to support their own endemic levels and types of diseases D.3. Large gatherings for rituals exposure D.4. Farming practices developing E. Localization – endemic diseases may have helped establish localized city states because distance neighbors couldn’t go to other places without being affected by the disease F. Early Disease Theory = disease is a punishment for evil (Egyptians and Indians) F.1. Hippocratic School (400 BC – 500 AD) body humors at fault F.1.a. Blood – sanguine F.1.b. Yellow bile – choleric F.1.c. Black bile – melancholic F.1.d. Mucous – phlegmatic G. Change of Thinking – Diseases G.1. Malaria G.1.a. People used to think it was “bad air” now we know that vectors, mosquitoes, are responsible G.1.b. Alexander the Great died of malaria G.2. African Sleeping Sickness G.2.a. Vector = tsetse fly G.2.b. The reason why humans didn’t settle the African savannah (reservoir) G.3. Schistosomiasis (fluke) G.3.a. Snails are an intermediate host in shallow waters G.3.b. Enters through feet – people working in waters G.4. Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) G.4.a. Etiology = a bacteria G.4.b. Leper colonies = “lazars” - First example of quarantine G.5. Plague, “bubonic plague” – has caused epidemics throughout
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MBI Exam 1 Outline 3 - Outline 3: History of Microbiology...

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