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October 1 - • Michalangelo’s Nudes o Oak leaves –...

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October 1, 2009 Leonardo, The Last Supper, Sta. Maria della Grazia, Milan, c. 1496-98 o Comparison to the one in Florence with the marble panel o Perfectly mathetmatic one point perspective o This is elevated up on the wall – you would have to be up in the air for the perspective to work – lofty ideals – early vs high renaissance Ex – Sistine chapel, philosophy by Raphael, getting at the psychology (using the body to convey notions) o Jesus tells the apostles that one of them is going to betray him Jesus is calm – vocal point – equilateral triangle, stable The apostles are more scurried and freaked then Jesus Comparison to the other last supper all the apostles are stiff o The halo effect – the only circular form is behind Jesus’s head making his head pop out o He groups the apostles together so you can see them and digest them easier o Raphael’s philosophy and The Last Supper have the same principals Groups One point perspective Halo effect Jonah – directly above the last judgement
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Unformatted text preview: • Michalangelo’s Nudes o Oak leaves – representative of the commission given to Michalangelo o Maybe angels maybe not • The Last Judgement – Michalangelo – doesn’t really want to do this job o Overall shape is like the ten commandments o Christ and Virgin o Souls being pulled down by demons into hell – mythological turn which includes Charon o Christ is beardless – Apollo type – his hands are in a rotation – with the right hand he blesses and left he damns so he is still condemning o Mary is skowering behind her strong commanding son o Empty skin may be michalangelo in a self portrait who is being tormented by in this case Pope Paul III because he forced him to do this painting o The men were all naked and then someone was hired to clothe all the people o Hierarchy of scale – Christ is huge o Angels struggling in the top round parts to hold the cross etc o As Michalangelo gets older he makes them wider o...
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