September 1 - September 1, 2009 Duccio Flight into Egypt,...

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September 1, 2009 Duccio – Flight into Egypt, from the Maesta, c. 1308 o Not responsible for this work o Duccio – founder of Sianese School o Typical Qualities of Duccio Squiggly gold trim on rich blue cloak Cracked mountains – diagonal slope shows where the center of attention should be Gold background o Continuous Narrative: various scenes included in one work of art Joseph is receiving the message in the dream from an angel about the need to flee Story goes from left to right but it isn’t as smooth as Giotto’s Characters stop and turn stopping the story and then starting another Giotto – Flight into Egypt, Arena Chapel, Padua, c. 1306 o Stage like strip for characters to walk on vs. Duccio – no space for him to occupy o More space than Duccio – a path to more realistic, the beginning of space and depth lead by Giotto o Unrealistic mountains o Giotto – “the economy of means” Figures with space and volume Prechiarrasquero- there isn’t one consistent light source o Blue sky o Characters have weight, volume, and heft Ugly solid baby Christ, fat which would be good because of the high mortality rate of babies at the time Uses black paint Gives them space – they exist in the space. Hence, the ledge Giotto’s Arena Chapel, Padua o Dull and ordinary from the outside o Screvigny made money through usury – lending money at exorbant rates Had this chapel made in an attempt to get his father out of pergatory o Ceiling – blue ceiling, resembling sky o Stories Included: The life of the Virgin The Passion The Nativity The Last Judgment – as you exit the chapel
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Man on his knees is the Scrovigni himself presenting the chapel to the Virgin (3x Virgin) Christ in majesty at the Last Judgment. Jesus is strong and large Shows hell – tormented souls o Giotto doesn’t have a good handle on the women’s body o Italy North – clothing o Italy South – naked body This generalization does not apply to Giotto Giotto, Lamentation, from the Arena Chapel in Padua, c. 1306 o Bodies are forshortened o Look down since the angels are looking down o Like in the betrayal, he has two of his main characters with their back
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September 1 - September 1, 2009 Duccio Flight into Egypt,...

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