September 15 - Uccello Battle of San Romano(part c 1455...

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September 15, 2009 Uccello, Battle of San Romano (part), c. 1455 – made for the Medici o Ucello Comes to perspective late in life – once he gets hold of it he gets really into it but isn’t necessarily successful Was raised in the International Gothic Style The ground – the swords etc. fall down in parallel lines – an attempt to use perspective International Style Flourishing of the banners The main guy is wearing a straw octagon hat thing with an elaborate patterned cloth Horse seems more like a carousel horse Mela – oranges were considered medicinal apples – they may be in their because Mela/Medici Grera Altarpiece, 1472-74, Piere del Francesca o Simplifying shapes and forms – all heads are egg shaped o Was meant to be seen on the wall of a church that would have given the illusion that you are looking into a room of the church but now its in a frame o There are no halos, no gold backgrounds o The child and virgin are way oversized – employing hierarchy of scale/size o Sheen of the armor is atypical of the Italians o Figures are mathematically aligned with the panels and flat pallasters o Ostrich egg hanging from ceiling o Queen of heaven – virgin is on a mini throne, elevated o Coral necklace on Christ – coral represents blood of Christ o Using architecture to arrange his figures The Flagellation of Christ 1455-65, Pierre della Francesca o Divided panel in half: Interior One point perspective Pushing the figure of Christ far back in the work Figures are rigid and stiff, they are simplified, they don’t flow very
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September 15 - Uccello Battle of San Romano(part c 1455...

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