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Vocabulary List #1 - Vocabulary List #1 Aisle: the portion...

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Vocabulary List #1 Aisle: the portion of a basilica flanking the nave and separated from it by a row of columns or piers Altarpiece: a panel, painted or sculpted, situated above and behind an altar Arcade: a series of arches supported by piers or columns Arch: a curved structural member that spans an opening and is generally composed of wedge-shaped blocks (voiussoirs) that transmit the downward pressure laterally Arriccio: in fresco painting, the first layer of rough lime plaster applied to the wall Baptistry: Bilaterally Symmetrical: Burin: a pointed tool used for engraving or incising Byzantium : Campanile: a bell tower of a church, usually, but not always, freestanding Capital: the uppermost member of a column, serving as a transition from the shaft to the lintel. In classical architecture, the form of the capital varies with the order Chiaroscuro: in drawing or painting, the treatment and use of light and dark, especially the gradations of light that produce the effect of modeling Clerestory: the fenestrated part of a building that rises above the roofs of the other parts. The oldest known clerestories are Egyptian. In Roman basilicas and medieval churches, clerestories are the windows that form the nave’s uppermost level below the timber ceiling or the vaults Coffer: a sunken panel, often ornamental, in a vault or a ceiling Colonnade: a series of rows or columns, usually spanned by lintels Column : a vertical, weight carrying architectural member, circular in cross-section and consisting of a base (sometimes omitted), a shaft, and a capital Condottiere: an Italian mercenary general Contour Line : in art, a continuous line defining the outer shape of an object Contrapposto: the disposition of the human figure in which one part is turned in opposition to another part (usually hips and legs one way, shoulders and chest another), creating a counter-positioning of the body about its central axis. Sometimes called “weight shift” because the weight of the body tends to be thrown to one foot, creating tension on one side and relaxation on the other Cornice : the projecting, crowning member of the entablature framing the pediment; also, any crowning projection Crossing: Crossing-square : the area in a church formed by the intersection (crossing) of a nave and a transept of equal width, often used as a standard module of interior proportion Di Sotto in su : Dome: a hemispherical vault; theoretically, an arch rotated on its vertical axis. In Mycenaen architecture, domes are beehive-shaped Ecorche: the representation of a nude body as if without skin Engraving: the process of incising a design in hard material, often a metal plate (usually copper); also, the print or impression made from such a plate 1
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Entablature: the part of a building above the columns and below the roof. The entablature has three parts: architrave, frieze, and pediment Façade: usually the front of a building, also, the other sides when they are emphasized architecturally Foreshortening:
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Vocabulary List #1 - Vocabulary List #1 Aisle: the portion...

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