VOCABULARY LIST 3 - VOCABULARY LIST #3 abstract Abstract...

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VOCABULARY LIST #3 abstract Abstract Expressionism : the first major American avant-garde movement. Artists produced abstract paintings that expressed their state of mind and that they hoped would strike emotional chords in viewers Academy : Action Painting: type of Abstract Expressionism practiced by Pollock, emphasis on the creation process, the artists gesture in making art. Pollock poured liquid paint in linear webs on his canvases, which he laid out on the floor, thereby physically surrounding himself in the painting during its creation Analytic Cubism: first phase of cubism, developed by Picasso and Braque, in which the artists analyzed form from every possible vantage point to combine the various views into one pictorial whole Arabesque: avant-garde: late 19 th and 20 th century artists who emphasized innovation and challenged established convention in their work Bauhaus: a school of architecture in Germany in the 1920s under the aegis of Walter Gropius who emphasized the unity of art, architecture and design Collage : a composition made by combining on a flat surface various materials such as newspaper wallpaper printed text and illustrations photographs and cloth complementary colors: those pairs of colors, such as red and green, that together embrace the entire spectrum. The complement of one of the three primary colors is a mixture of the other two Cubism: an early 20 th century art movement that rejected naturalistic depictions, preferring compositions of shapes and forms abstracted from the conventionally perceived world Deconstruction: an analytical strategy developed in the late 20 th century according to which all cultural constructs are texts. People can read this texts in a variety of ways but they cannot arrive at a fixed uniform meaning. Any interpretation can be valid and readings can be subjective De Stijl : Environmental art: an American art form that emerged in the 1960s. Often using the
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VOCABULARY LIST 3 - VOCABULARY LIST #3 abstract Abstract...

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