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APPENDIX B – TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS Due to computers and technology mapping is changing rapidly. Today, virtually all US Geological Survey maps are accessible in digital format for downloading and printing on computer disks or for examining on a computer screen However, paper maps will still be popular and useful. Important in fieldwork because they are portably reliable don’t need batteries or suffer due to technological glitches
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Unformatted text preview: Distances: “1:24,000,” means that any measurement of the map will represent 24,000 of same measurements on the ground -Enlarging or reducing a map changes the RF scale from the original The RF of a Map of Unknown Scale 1/RFD = MD/GD RFD: denominator of RF MD: map distance GD: true ground distance the map represents *63,360 inches = 1 mile Stated Scale: 1:24,000 Bar Scale:...
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