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notes from laure ne neveaux

notes from laure ne neveaux - The confessional poets...

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The confessional poets’ personal experience of depression also explains their familiarity with Freudian concepts. Most of them suffered nervous breakdowns, were hospitalized and underwent psychoanalytical therapy. Plath’s depression, her suicide attempt and her gradual recovery are recorded in The Bell Jar. First-hand experience of psychiatric institutions and theoretical knowledge encouraged the confessional poets to apply these theories to themselves. Psychoanalysis became the instance which authorized the poets’ discourse, fully grounding their claim to authenticity. In her Journals, Plath revealingly alludes to her appointments with her therapist as her “sunday confession” ( 468). lath uses psychoanalysis both as a tool of self-analysis and as a literary device. The speaker recreates herself and the persons she addresses, turning them into mythological or theatrical characters at the very moment when she claims to be deciphering, exposing their true nature.
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