exam 1 - EXAM 1 NOTES Huck Characterization: thoughtful,...

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EXAM 1 NOTES Huck Characterization: thoughtful, intelligent, and willing to come to his own conclusions about important matters, even when these conclusions contradict society’s norms. Nevertheless, Huck is still a boy, and is influenced by others, particularly by his friend, Tom. Tom Characterization: believes in sticking closely to the “rules” he has gleaned from society and the wild notions he reads about in adventure novels. Unfortunately these rules have more to do with style than with morality or anyone’s welfare. Widow Douglas & Miss Watson: they adopt Huck and attempt to civilize him. Miss Watson is gaunt and severe. The Widow Douglas is somewhat gentler in her beliefs and has more patience with Huck. When Huck acts in a manner contrary to societal expectations, it is the Widow Douglas whom he fears disappointing. The duke and dauphin: conmen that join Jim and Huck on the river. The older man, who appears to be about seventy, claims to be the “dauphin,” the son of King Louis XVI and heir to the French throne. The younger man, who is about thirty, claims to be the usurped Duke of Bridgewater. Although Huck quickly realizes the men are frauds, he and Jim remain at their mercy, as Huck is only a child and Jim is a runaway slave. Judge Thatcher: the local judge who shares responsibility for Huck with the Widow
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exam 1 - EXAM 1 NOTES Huck Characterization: thoughtful,...

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