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framework notes - 1) Is the Chrysler-Fiat alliance...

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1) Is the Chrysler-Fiat alliance sustainable in the long-run? Why? 2) Is there distribution network underutilized? 3) Does the design/engineering aspects of the various vehicles support increases profitability for the company? 4) Is Marchionne’s management style conducive to a large scale automobile manufacturer? 5) Are there any other markets this alliance can enter? 6) Does there need to be a rationalization of marketing campaigns in order to further support the manufacturing plants? 7) Is there enough capacity in the system? Excess? Negative Capacity Cushion? 8) What does this alliance look like in 5 years? 10years? 15 years? Quality – Throughout its history, Chrysler as a company faced many hardships including failed acquisitions/mergers and near bankruptcy. Therefore, its reputation as a respected organization was hurting. To add to that, in 2008 Consumer Reports knocked down Chrysler’s reputation even further. They claimed that 2/3 of Chrysler’s cars were below average in quality and reliability which is a lower rate than any other American auto manufacturer. Although Fiat entered into the partnership due in large part to an increase in capacity, Fiat needs to ensure that their stamp of approval in terms of quality remains despite the new manufacturing facilities and project managers. Fiat also had to realize that the changes they were making in the car design in
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framework notes - 1) Is the Chrysler-Fiat alliance...

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