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Interview Question Format - Marilyn Arcentales...

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Marilyn Arcentales – Administrative Assistant Brief Summary of Person Interviewed - occupation – Administrative Assistant at UBS - marital status – single, divorced - approximate age - 37 - location of job – NYC - formal name of position – “Administrative Assistant” - how long have you been there – at UBS one year; over 15 years experience as an administrative assistant. Used to work at Goldman Sachs and used to work at a hospital Maslow's Hierarchy - are your physiological needs met - how important is job security to you – Job security is important to Marilyn because she was layed off from Goldman Sachs during the recession and therefore understands the pressure and hardship of losing a job she had had for a long time and was committed to. She also values job security because she was layed off not for performing poorly but instead because of extenuating circumstances. - do you participate in formal/ informal work groups/ teams, would/ do you like to? ** -- Marilyn has participated in one work group at UBS because they send out mandatory teams or groups meetings that you have to attend to learn about UBS values and compliance policies. This is not focused on the job of an admin assistant and there was not an opportunity to discuss your job or gather feedback. -- At Goldman all admins were united under supervisors, supervisors hosted meetings for admins frequently; they don’t have that at UBS. She liked these meetings at Goldman she got feedback routinely, learned from other admins, and formed relationships with the other admins that came in handy when you had a question or concern. At UBS the admins are not united -- UBS offers online video classes as a substitute for in person training and focus groups. Marilyn says that these don’t work for her. She wants to see people meet people and have a face to face conversation where she can gain insight into what other admins do better than her or perhaps help other admins that are having a hard time with something. - how important are promotions / upward mobility -- many people have asked Marilyn why she doesn’t go to school and get a degree in business since she has gained so much knowledge about the business and has so much experience in the type of office. However, Marilyn said she is not interested in doing that because she loves her job as an admin assistant and gets the most satisfaction from receiving positive oral or written feedback or by making the days of the people she serves easier. She understands that her role is critical to the success of her superiors and those whom she is assistant to therefore she already feels like she is part of the bigger picture of the business. Equity Theory - do you believe your employer rewards others fairly
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-- In her past experiences in the many jobs she has had she has felt that there are people that bust their butts to do whatever they have to do whether it is client meetings, VPs, managers, analysists, admin assistants that do what they need to do to grow and succeed
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Interview Question Format - Marilyn Arcentales...

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