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Midtern Notes - MGT 414 Notes for Midterm Fundamental...

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MGT 414 Notes for Midterm Fundamental attribution error- normal self protective mechanism There is a huge gap between what managers find interesting and what the employee may not The big issue is communication but employees wont ask for clarification Argyris Ladder of Inference: have two completely different ideas of what happens o We forget 90% of what we observe in any given minute We try to make sense of what we experience in order to predict what is happening in the future Once we put a label on things we will find a way to make that label true (self fulfilling prophesy) Luthan’s “real managers” study what do mid level managers in fortune 500 companies do every day? o Activity based view of management proposes four basic managerial roles: o 1. Traditional Management- decision making, planning, controlling o 2. Communication- exchanging info with in one’s work group o 3. Human Resource Management- motivating, disciplining, managing conflict, staffing, training o 4. Networking- socializing, politicking, interacting with outside Fundamental motivation problem- always a fundamental tension between personal goals and organizations goals McClelland’s Theory of Learned Needs:
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  • Fall '08
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  • fundamental attribution, completely different ideas, average blue-collar workers, average blue-collar worker, lose- high need

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