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Motivation Profile – Interview Notes

Motivation Profile – Interview Notes -...

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Motivation Profile Assignment – Interview Notes Suggestions: Describe which parts of the model you will focus on and why Relate to specific aspects of theory/model Support arguments with specific examples Examples of potential interview questions (please feel free to modify these questions or develop your own questions as you see fit) . 1. What are the major satisfactions you get in your work? What are the major frustrations in your work? 2. Do you think most people are as satisfied or dissatisfied in their work as you? Why? 3. How did you happen to get into this line of work? Have you ever considered changing to another field or occupation? 4. In what ways does your work challenge you? 5. What effect does your work have on your family life? How do you fell about this? 6. What aspect of your job do you find motivating? What aspects do you find least motivating? 7. If you could change one aspect of your job, what would it be? Why? 8. How do you deal with times when you do not feel at all motivated to do your job?
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