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Parts 1&2 Marilyn

Parts 1&2 Marilyn - I Who Is Marilyn Arcentales...

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I. Who Is Marilyn Arcentales? Marilyn Arcentales was born and raised in the South Bronx, an area infamous for being a tough neighborhood to grow up in and an even tougher neighborhood to get out of. Now at thirty-seven years old, Marilyn lives in Brooklyn, New York and works in Manhattan. Marilyn reflected that she could never have expected to be where she is today working tirelessly for some of the largest and most well known financial institutions in the world. Currently, Marilyn is an Administrative Assistant at UBS. She has been with UBS for a little over a year. However, she has over fifteen years of experience working in this position. Most notably, she worked at Goldman Sachs for several years but was layed-off when the recession hit. After being layed-off, Marilyn worked at a New York hospital as an Administrative Assistant. Marilyn is currently single as she was divorced many years ago. She takes great pride in her success at work and her growth as an individual.
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