Final Paper - Brooke Galietto April 20, 2011 Management...

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Brooke Galietto April 20, 2011 Management 304 Dr. David Cowan Final Exam “If I Was an Expatriate…” The reason I have enjoyed and appreciated Management 304 is because this class provides students with an opportunity to discuss and learn about aspects of today’s real world; an opportunity frequently lost in many business classes. As a business school student, the majority of my classes tend to be math based or history based. Although learning equations and discussing historical trends and incidents are important I have found Management 304 to be a unique chance to take the historical perspectives and economic lessons that I have learned and apply them to the world today. When I was seven years old my family was scheduled to move to London for three years because of my father’s job. As a test run my family lived there for one summer. We loved London and city life so as a family we were so excited about our future move to the city. However, just a few months before our moving date some things changed in the office and my father was needed in New York instead. Needless to say we were disappointed about losing the chance to spend time living overseas. Since then I have always had a desire to spend time living abroad, particularly in Europe. I am fortunate to have spent time travelling with my family and this past summer with classmates studying on Wayne Staton’s trip. However, I hope to spend more time overseas and live abroad for a period of time. Ideally, I think the perfect time to live abroad would be with my future husband after we had been married for some time but before we have had children. I am confident
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that the discussions I have participated in and the lessons I have learned in Management 304 have prepared me and will help me to be a successful expatriate in the future. The greatest takeaway I have gained from the course is the importance of being an informed traveler. Although it is somewhat common knowledge that you shouldn’t travel to a foreign country without any information about the culture or area, Management 304 has highlighted the importance of being educated and expanded what it means to be prepared for an overseas assignment. It seems as though perhaps ignorance is the biggest reason behind the failure many organizations and expatriates experience abroad. Due to our discussions in Management 304, I now know the importance of not being ignorant and
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Final Paper - Brooke Galietto April 20, 2011 Management...

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