MGT304.S11.essays - MGT 304 Notes Midterm Exam I....

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Unformatted text preview: MGT 304 Notes Midterm Exam I. Conceptual Focus: Understanding Cultures and Cultural Variation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Using data on cultural dimensions (cf. central tendencies) for Brazil, Spain, and the U.S., explain a legitimate cross-cultural challenge that Steers, Sanchez-Runde, and Nardon may have had to avoid when writing our book, Management Across Cultures . (22) Purpose of this book is to make a better global manager provide some insight tools for ones tool box that may be helpful in a new and unfamiliar cultural setting --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Inclusion Makes Us Stronger. Variety is what gets us excited. Thats why we want everything about us from our products to our people to reflect the diversity in our customers and around the world. -- The Limited * *[including Bath & Body Works; Victorias Secret; White Barn Candles; C.O. Bigelow; Henri Bendel; La Senza]- cultural convergence vs. cultural divergence debate Duality perspective suggests that globalization simultaneously leads to convergence and divergence - inclusion vs. exclusion- plurality of cultures vs. cultural pluralism (11) - managers must find ways to accommodate these contradictions and challenges as they move their companies into the global arena causing more friction and complications yet more opportunities as well Using reasoning from SSRN (chapters 1-3), present a valid counter statement, suggesting what may theoretically go wrong with good ideas such as this one, if not managed/implemented well.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Explain a prominent "take-away" from Tom Murphy's talk, using one or more of the "new challenges" confronting managers in their attempts to adapt to realities [inherent in the] evolution toward more multicultural or global environments." Management Issues & Choosing the Right Path Internal and External Negotiations Conflict Avoidance in and out of your organization Compromise Persuasion Adaptability to culture Relevant Behaviors Religion, politics, legal compliance Relevance of cultural and moral values Economic incentives, jobs, and careers and links to behaviors Must Recognize: Meritocracy Reliance on analysis and data Using staff to find solutions and new ideas Work conditions and data Differences: importance of relationship building, flexibility, holidays and PTO, saving face Persuasive Influence: affect all aspects of organizational relationships; when the basic values, incentives, and other behavior factors are significantly different, the ability to gain consensus and resolve conflict is difficult Advice: really know the people, understand and respect their culture, legal system, and what influences them, very gradually try...
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MGT304.S11.essays - MGT 304 Notes Midterm Exam I....

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