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Brooke Galietto - Brooke Galietto March 16, 2011 Management...

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Brooke Galietto March 16, 2011 Management 415 – LP5 I joined the Society for Human Resource Management at the beginning of junior year because to be honest I was in desperate need of some extra curricular activities to boost my resume. So I found a list online of all the clubs that correspond to the business school then picked SHRM because it fit my major and I could probably end up in HR one day. I found the information session date and decided to attend. I was in complete shock when I arrived at the information session; there were several people there to get information, like myself, but no one there to answer the questions, literally. The club had failed to do everything from putting on events to electing an executive council. Now there was a girl who was an infrequent member of SHRM who had been asked to be the president and she is very nice and means well. However, she has not had experienced the club in full force before so she really doesn’t know how to even create a vision or an activity schedule for this confused club. Towards the end of the meeting, the makeshift president asked if there was anyone in the room interested in an executive position. Naturally I thought this is even better for my resume than being a general member I am in! I was chosen to be the VP of
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Brooke Galietto - Brooke Galietto March 16, 2011 Management...

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