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INTRODUCTION Our group first decided that for our version of the Dark Side of Leadership Project we wanted to focus on cults. Our early brainstorming and research left us with a number of unanswered questions but the one that really struck home with us is where does the line lie between a cult leader and a strong leader? At first we thought the answer to that question was simple – if dangerous things or illegal things start happening that is when the leader becomes corrupt. But then we got to thinking a little bit more and realized that a leader can abuse his power without making his followers do illegal or violent things. Therefore we decided to focus our project on researching people’s perceptions of when a leader goes from strong to corrupt. REWARD POWER – (after Eben) Reward power is derived from one’s rank and as the self proclaimed “Christ” Koresh welded a lot of power and he gained enormous loyalty from his followers. In addition to a number of the other bases of power, Koresh used reward power in
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