mgt 291 - Chapter 5 – Appreciating Individual Differences

Mgt 291 - Chapter 5 – Appreciating Individual Differences

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Chapter 5 – Appreciating Individual Differences: Self Concept, Personality, Attitudes, and Emotions I. Focusing on the Self a.i. Self: the core of ones conscious existence a.ii. Self concept: persons self perception as a physical, social, or spiritual being – because you have a self concept you recognize yourself as a distinct human being a.iii. Cognitions: a persons knowledge, opinions, or beliefs a.iv. Ideas of self and self concept vary from one historical era to another, from one socioeconomic group to another, and from culture to culture b. Self Esteem – ones overall self evaluation b.i. Cross cultural perspective – global managers need to remember to deemphasize self esteem when doing business in collectivized cultures as opposed to emphasizing it in individualistic cultures b.ii. Can general self esteem be improved? – low self esteem can be raised more by having the person think of desirable characteristics possessed rather than on undesirable characteristics from which he or she is free…. . Self esteem and school or job performance are correlated c. Self Efficiency - belief in ones ability to do a task “I can do that” c.i.1. Learned helplessness: debilitating lack of faith in ones ability to control the situation; chronically low self efficacy c.ii. Mechanisms of Self efficacy – c.ii.1. Sources: prior experience, behavior models, persuasion from others, assessment of physical/emotional state
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Mgt 291 - Chapter 5 – Appreciating Individual Differences

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