MGT 291 HW 1 - Brooke Galietto September 8 2010 MGT 291...

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Brooke Galietto September 8, 2010 MGT 291 Stan Luboda’s problem in its most basic diagnosis is that he has a dissatisfied employee. Freida Mae Jones is a victim of a glass ceiling in her organization. As a manager Stan has an obligation to attend to Freida’s complaint. However his judgment is clouded by an unsolicited stereotype against Freida because she is a black woman. Freida feels that people belittle her intelligence and treat her differently on a daily basis. The Boston Bank clearly is a hostile working environment where discrimination exists and diversity is neither valued nor understood. Stan Luboda exercies a self-serving bias in the situation with Freida. He claims that he is overcautious with her because he is trying to help. Further, he blames the conservative nature of the banking business for why she can’t have more visible assignments with customer contact. Freida brought her issue to Stan in 2000 therefore The Bank of Boston is behind in regard to the equal employment opportunity movement. If the organization does not incorporate diversity initiatives it will fall behind other banks that reap the benefits of a diverse workforce. Stan should immediately re-evaluate the way he handled the conversation with Freida. He can compare his decision with Simon’s Normative Model, which identifies frequent causes of poor decisions. He would find that he and the organization are guilty of all the main points like a poorly defined process and practice plan, an unclear company vision and mission, an unwillingness to take responsibility, and a lack of necessary information. Managers at The Boston Bank do not have an appropriate process for selecting employees for assignments. Upward movement in the organization should be based on merit only not gender and race. Freida’s career advancement opportunities are hindered under Stan’s leadership. The company’s vision and mission must not advocate diversity, which is a long run disadvantage and should be adjusted. Stan fails to take responsibility for his discrimination against Freida. Stan may have overlooked Freida’s impressive education and training when deciding which employee to assign the best tasks. After recognizing his mistakes and brainstorming solutions, Stan should talk to
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MGT 291 HW 1 - Brooke Galietto September 8 2010 MGT 291...

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