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Brooke Galietto September 16, 2010 MGT 291 – Homework 4 My first time trying Virtual Leader I was very frustrated because I could not understand why Ollie was so committed to doing Rosa’s filing. I became even more frustrated when I started interpreting Ollie’s body language and reading the graphs that told me tension was high and Ollie did not approve of me. After playing the games a couple of time and reflecting on what had happened I realized that I was guilty of the confirmation bias. I realized that in order to make Ollie do what I wanted him to I had to at least consider his other obligations, his needs, and his wants. Looking back I can’t help but fall under the hindsight bias and think based on our class discussions and readings I should have known to be more accommodating in the first place. In this situation the optimal solution would be to find a way to make Ollie feel comfortable with his schedule
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Unformatted text preview: and accomplish all his goals. It is apparent that Ollie is a value-oriented decision maker and was concerned about how Rosa might feel if he didn’t accomplish her assignment and he was technically worried about being able to set up the computer since he has never done that even though it is in his job description. Initially, I perceived Ollie as lazy or not motivated. But after further consideration I started to attribute Ollie’s lack of motivation to his environment, an external factor. His mundane office in the basement of the building is a less than ideal place to work. His office did not seem like a place that would foster excitement or creativity of any kind. This is a good example of the fundamental attribution bias, rather than associating Ollie’s behavior with his situation I assumed issues I had with him were just personality flaws....
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