mgt 291 vl individual paper

mgt 291 vl individual paper - Brooke Galietto Management...

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Brooke Galietto November 29, 2010 Management 291 – VL Individual Paper I think the most valuable lesson I can take away from playing Virtual Leader is that in order to weld power and influence one has to use a variety of techniques contingent on the situation. I think that to an extent in daily life I adjust the way I act and approach different situations. I don’t think I truly learned the importance of this skill until playing Virtual Leader. It was crucial for Corey to adapt her style of leadership and interpersonal skill set for the different scenarios. I learned to take into consideration the different characters’ positions and responsibilities in the company, the moods of the characters in the scenario, and the disagreements and opinions of the people in the meeting. By understanding and keeping tabs on these different qualities I was able to find out how to successfully gain power and accomplish my goals. In the first scenario with Oli, I learned two important lessons that proved to be helpful in the future scenarios. First, I was able to practice and really gain an understanding of how referent power works. In the beginning of the meeting Oli was a little stand off-ish, which was probably because of the fact, Corev was new to the company. I found that the best way to get Oli to open up was by proving my knowledge about what was going on at the company and business (expert power), my higher position
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mgt 291 vl individual paper - Brooke Galietto Management...

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